Welcome all!

Hi, I’m Vivienne. I’m guided by Numerology and Astrology, and often use Tarot for further insights. You see, numbers aren’t just mathematical symbols to me; they’re keys to unlocking personal stories – your story.

I love what I do because everyone has a story to tell, and numbers help me interpret those stories in a way that makes sense.

Imagine finding a guide to your true self through numbers. It’s a journey that can lead you to new paths and growth. It’s not about guessing the future; it’s about understanding yourself and making meaningful choices that have a positive impact.

My passion is being a guiding voice, helping you answer life’s questions with kindness and wisdom. I’m here to give you knowledge, not just answers, so you can make decisions that fit who you are.

If you want to learn more or just talk about life’s mysteries, I’m here for you. Let’s explore your story together.

With warm wishes for your path ahead,

Vivienne Sterling – Numerologist and Astrologer

Vivienne Sterling - Numerologist and Astrologer